UC Finance LP
was set up in 2002 and currently, it represents a team of professionals specializing in providing legal services and advice in the field of tax avoidance and asset protection using foreign entities. We can work out and implement an optimal for your business scheme for purchasing and selling assets, as well as schemes of optimization of corporate finances (international banking operations). (more...)

If you are trying to figure out how to cut your expenses as low as possible;
If you consider to buy a non-resident or tax-haven company but simply do not know how to proceed and which country will fit the best your needs;
And whether you really need all this... What to do, and How to do?

Have you ever asked this question to yourself, or possibly other similar questions?

Do not waste your time, please call us or write to us.
In these and many other similar cases our professional consultants, lawyers, and auditors will be happy to help you!
We are proficient in providing legal advice (both on Russian law and foreign legal matters) relating to company formation abroad and other corporate matters, taxation of business operations, corporate finances, and general asset protection using non-resident structures. Under your request, we can work out and implement schemes of the purchase and sale of assets tailored to your needs;
And finally, we provide consulting services associated with international banking operations.

We are working for trading companies, holding companies, banks, investment institutions, insurance companies, and natural persons.   

Are you planning to open a bank account abroad and trying to figure out the best bank meeting your needs in Switzerland or Germany? Or in Austria? Or in Asia?  You cannot make your choice between a bank in Cyprus and one in a Baltic country? Please, believe us, everything depends on how you will be using such an account.

We can help you to select a foreign bank meeting your criteria and to open a business or deposit account to you or your company. Our counsels can always give you a few options to choose in accordance with your request. In any case, we give a piece of advice, it is always you who make the choice.

  • UC Finance LP Provides support to its clients in structuring business, offers its services in the international market of tax and legal consulting;
  • For over ten years, our counsels are working in the field of international business, and they have a good experience in realization of different investment projects both in Russia and abroad;
  • Company is closely working with local agents in Switzerland, Cyprus, British Virgin Islands, Commonwealth of Dominica, and other jurisdictions that may be required from time to time. Our counsels are working in a close interaction with foreign regulatory bodies carrying out the active follow up of the law;
  • Company’s internal positions in Moscow and Geneva offices are filled in by highly qualified staff working both for clients located in Russia and abroad;
  • Company has large business connections and may carry out necessary tasks or execute projects virtually in any part of the world.



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